1. Are Telehealth services covered by my insurance company?
Most insurance companies, such as but not limited to: Medavie Blue Cross, Manulife, Sunlife, Worksafe NB, etc. cover telehealth services. If your insurance provider is not mentioned in this list, we recommend that you contact them in order to verify if the telehealth services are covered when the services are covered.

2. Are telehealth sessions the same duration and price as my session with a one on one healthcare professional?
Currently, our telehealth sessions are 20min ($50) for a follow up and 45min ($65) for a new evaluation. Our prices reflect accordingly the amount of time assigned to these consultations and they are priced lower than our one on one consultations in our clinic.

3. How do I pay for my telehealth service?
The Sparx Wellness Institute representative will take your insurance provider information and payments by credit card only over the phone.

4. Do I need to download an app before the telehealth services?
Your health professional will send you a link by email. Give yourself a few minutes to download the app on your laptop or mobile device prior to starting the session.

5. If I need to be seen by the health professional, will I be able to be seen in the clinic?
Yes, if the health professional recommends that you come to the clinic after the initial assessment, a one on one session will be scheduled in accordance with the Canadian Public Health guidelines.

6. What is Sparx Wellness Institute doing to protect their health care professionals and clients?
Sparx will be following the NB Guidelines: Guidance Primary Care Providers

1. There is a minimum of 2M between all clients in the waiting room
2. Every client will be assigned their own room or area for treatment

1. Will undertake active screenings (asking questions) and passive screening (signage).
2. Will be wearing masks during the treatments in order to protect themselves, and as well as the clients.
3. Will wash their hands before and after each treatment
4. Will clean all the treatment surfaces that come into contact with the client before and after each treatment sessions

1. Will be asked to wash their hands before and after every treatment
2. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the clinic